OASIS Overseas Arid Soil Irrigation Solution

Operation OASIS Answers all of the questions about how this can be achieved by using the massive waste water problem in human bodily waste (Humanure) and Excess farm waste that currently causes pollution and costs countless £billions to process throughout the world, by anaerobically treating and transporting the treated waste to where soils are arid and devoid of water and organic material. (deserts).

No other species removes nutrients and water from the soil like us and no other species has a problem with distributing their waste products as manure and urea back to the soil, apart from those kept in intensive farming. In fact nature has a design to spread the seeds of trees and plants through the bowls of flying and grazing animals that drop them over great distances as pellets surrounded by the best growing medium there is. In fact, many seeds pass though our own gut and are excreted unharmed ready to germinate into more plants to give us even more food. We just need to step back and look at the beauty of natural processes and embrace the idea that we have produced a wonderful organically rich by product from our amazingly varied diets and that this product must be returned to where the soils require organic material, nutrients, trace minerals and most of all an abundant free source of H2O, without which nothing can survive. 

Desertification is currently spreading at an unprecedented rate, like a virulent plague and must be halted if we as a species are to remain in existence!

But how can we begin to address thousands of years of poor soil husbandry?



The answer is surprisingly simple. 

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